I find it incredible how somehow evolution knows due to a creatures circumstances one day being thrown invadvertantly into say winter like conditions  for many years outside of its natural habitat to mutate said creatures genetic structure on the tiniest of levels to the extent  that said creature's future generations of offspring eventually starts to mutate to adapt to its surroundings also thus in turn evolving to what we see today.What an incredible set of happenings yet for some reason and i can't put my finger on it this does seem partly if not wholly due to some design of uknown forces. In retrospect i am of course talking about human evolution; consider this a scientist works on bacteria in a lab and places a small grouping of bacteria in a hot enviroment this bacteria will undoubtedle grow and flourish significantly, are we merely the results of some mad scientist at work? We as humans are unlike any other creature on our planet and this includes primates. Really take a look at yourself objectively? Do you really share many similarities to these creatures? We are far from it.Other creatures have been around evolving just aslong and even longer than us humans yet we gain through what we're suppose to belive some kind of mutation Intelligence to make calculations and develop the intellect to an extent to now become on par with gods of the ancients i.e the hadron collidor which attempts to create the matter that makes up space, as well as cloning, technology advancement,teh ability to study ourselves and the world around us,and most importantly the ability to question what we see and do. Even alligators and sharks have been in development and evolving far longer than humans but by design or not are not up and around building  monuments and great Cities even it would be in the water :) some may argue its because they had no need to because for survival of the fittest this was not a requirement yet why was this a requirement only for humans to lose all hair, and start to build and create while our apparent ancestral brothers the primates still survive and live perfectly fine in the forrests without theser means and intellect?Out of over a billion different animals and species in the world some of which have been around longer in the evolutionary chain as have the examples as discussedabove, we are the freaks of nature some kind of incredible one in a billion accident that occurred through time and in evolutionary terms a short period i might note . For reasons uknown to scientists today we took an explosive jump forward in development in terms stressed by others 'we were like the big bang of evolution,' very like the example of the bacteria in the lab speeding up the process. How very strange. Some talk of god or some kind of creator - the great designer of life and all things as the culprit behind these things and argue that why do certain creatures when born rely solely on another creature almost from birth for its survival such as a ceartin wasp that requires a certain caterpillar to implant its eggs into out of some uknown instict built in years ago? How baby turtles born blind instinctively know to head for water? What is this uknown instinct that drives all living things.The instict to survive and procreate. How can this instict exist without being implanted by some creater? Scientists will argue back that evolution and through nature and natural selection these instincts are installed somehow within us but what concerns me most of all is that even scientists when discussing nature and evolution and how it instills these blueprints of survival which has to be passed down via DNA over centuries of development that they talk about these happenings as if these it in itself(evoltuion) were a living breathing lifeform making logical decisions to ensure these creatures survival.....hmmm that doesn't seem like a very sound argument from scientisst and documentary makers around the world referring to eveolution and natural selection as if it was a thinking lifeform and why does our genetic structure alter to ensure our survival in the first place? is it because it would be strange to have lifeforms that formed only to just die again almost instantly... what would be ther point in that? but thats it why is there a point to life in the first place? What reason does it have in a vast universe where we are but dust in the wind and in a vacum of space that would get on fine without life? In logical terms it doesn't seem random at all or without point but then the ultimate question that imposes upon all minds alike is does that mean there is a God?..... Who knows but scientists may have to come outside of there little box they have created  to prove otherwise. They spend to much time in labs trying to discover what any being with a heartbeat instinctively knows already- that built in to all living creatures including ourselves is the fact we need to survive as for reasons uknown to us we all have a purpose to serve on this planet.
The illuminati and their new world order agenda seems to be coming into 
We all know the theories surrounding supposed members, but this is 
 all speculation and gossip. They are succeeding due to the secrecy they have 
 sworn a pact to uphold. With the masses at large kept pre-occupied with their 
 own lives the illuminati plan in secret as they have done for hundreds of
years,  to take hold of the globe and turn it into a one world government
controlled by  the overseers.
This can not and shall not go on.
With the creation of Anonymous  we have a fighting chance. Anonymous a global force to be reckoned with. They do  not forgive. They do not forget. Expect them and so they should. The illuminati  have been using these tactics of anonymity and secrecy to move forward with  their agendas and now we as the cyber guerillas have taken the most prized of  all weapons and can now deploy it against them, free media and the internet.  With their ancient ways they failed to realize that the internet as it has  become today is the life-force of all society and they have remained in the past  with their outdated rituals and subliminal propaganda techniques.
 This is their  downfall, people are waking up to realize we are
being kept as slaves. Slaves to  our governments, our work, our currency and
most of all to the puppeteers whom  we all know as the illuminati. We are all
anonymous now and it is our duty as  citizens to make sure these old outdated
views of the past do not prevail over  human rights, free speech and justice for
all. They have blinded us but through  the medium of cyberspace we can move
forward, and unite to take down this group  of minds behind the atrocities, wars and depopulation that we are seeing at  large. They may be planning something in July/August of this year. It is time to tell reveal the full scope of this plan. But this will become a 2012 we can be proud  of, a time to take the world back and yes there will be a New world Order... but  not the way it was to be intended. This will be our order.
We are Anonymous.
We  do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We are Legion. 
Expect us.


    Someone who believes that the public deserve to know what goes on behind closed doors that the corporate media manipuate and keep hidden and to reveal to all with an open mind the advancement of hidden agendas that directly effect us all.
    Free speach,seeking the Truth, and a Moral responsibility to others is what i hold true.


    June 2012
    May 2012